• Benjamin Sauzereau Solo


    Benjamin Sauzereau just released his solo album "Solo", recorded at Zinnema Studio in Brussels. Alix Aminian made an inspired video clip for Benjamin's composition "Harry Lime".

  • La Mauvaise Raison


    Video artist Alix Aminian made a video for Les Chroniques de l'Inutile's "La Mauvaise Raison". The song will be out on the newest ~suite release "Virgule".

  • "Virgule" Release Party


    Les Chroniques de l'Inutile are releasing their new album on the opening of Teun Verbruggen's new art-space Walter on Saturday the 14th of January 2017. "Virgule" is a coproduction of ~suite & El Negocito Records.

  • Benjamin Sauzereau in Jazzism


    Benjamin was interviewed about his music, his philosophy and about ~suite by Georges-Tonla Briquet.

  • "They do it for a reason" Release Party


    ~suite & Jens Maurits Orchestra are throwing a party for the release of their CDbook on Wednesday the 14th of Septembre 2016. There will be live music, jamming, dancing & birthday cakes.

  • Jens Maurits Orchestra - They do it for a reason


    ~suite01, the CDbook of Jens Maurits Orchestra is all warm from the printer. Here is a video from a composition out of their latest show "The BLOGPERA".

  • PhilĂ©mon le chien qui ne voulait pas grandir


    The first album of ~suite is released. Here's a video for their self-titled album