Les Chroniques de l'Inutile

"Virgule" is the result of Les Chroniques de l'Inutile growing as a septet. This new set of pieces, very "song-like", wild in some moments, surprisingly gentle and peaceful in others, celebrates the present moment and reminds the importance of punctuation.

1. La Mauvaise Raison

2. Moineau

3. William (Harrisson Bonney)

4. Nemo

5. Gauche

6. Mary, Molly, Bébert et Alcide

7. La cité à une rue

8. Rustgevende uitlijning van drie punten in de ruimte

9. Non vorrei morire mai

10. Whistler

11. Gans

12. Il suo cogino

Benjamin Sauzereau: guitar

Pierre Bernard: flute, bass flute

Erik Bogaerts: alto saxophone, clarinet

Gregor Siedl: tenor saxophone

Eric Bribosia: fender rhodes & piano

Lennart Heyndels: double bass

Jens Bouttery: drums

Compositions: Benjamin Sauzereau except 'Whistler' by Jens Bouttery and 'Gauche' improvised by Les Chroniques de l'Inutile

Recording engineer: Pierre Dozin in Jet Studio, Brussels, March 2015

Mixing engineer: Werner Pensaert at Linster Studio

Mastering engineer: Steven Maes at Motormusic

Executive production: Rogé Verstraete & Benjamin Sauzereau

Graphic Design: Laurens Teerlinck

Artword 'Window': Marc-Antoine Mathieu

Coproduction: ~suite & el NEGOCITO records


No chaos, no dogma too strict, but a very alive balance exercise between freedom and organisation, jazz & chamber music.

There’s a strange poetry to the music of Les Chroniques de l’Inutile. One moment, the septet is deep into a passage of slowly mutating post-jazz guitar melodicism, only to have its developing shape obliterated by bursts of wind instrument harmonies.

The music of Benjamin Sauzereau & co is like a kind of chamber music jazz. We could imagine Beethoven write this aerie music for this septet, but it is Sauzereau who composed and he is living today and he's not deaf.

In the meantime he made himself notable for his a-typical way of guitar playing. His methods of composing, in which composition and freedom always meet somehow, have become quite remarkable.

A truly original writing with a poetic pen carried by a very colorful formation.

Very, good.