Yours or Mine?

GeRoeZeMoeS' second EP combines dandy pick-up lines with thé grooves to accompany some good old-fashioned love-making. The EP is crafted as a limited edition matchbox including a digital download-code.

1. Genre

2. Milkman

3. Werewolf

Jens Bouttery: drums, lead vocals, synths

Lennart Heyndels: bass, vocals, synths

ft. Gregor Siedl: saxophone on Milkman

Compositions: Jens Bouttery

Recording engineer: Lucas Kramer @ Syndicate Studios, Maastricht, March 2016.

Mixing engineer: Jens Bouttery

Mastering engineer: Pierre De Wagter @ EQuus

Produced by GeRoeZeMoeS

Graphic design: Jens Bouttery

Bookings: doris@toutpartout.be