Easy Pieces

Easy pieces releases its debut album, "16" original compositions written for the unusual instrumentation of piano, keyboards, and guitar, exploring the combination of acoustic and amplified sounds. Sixteen easy pieces ranging from wide soundscapes to carefully crafted melodies, small and refined instrumental pieces with an improvised dimension that suggest real life stories but leaves enough space for the listener to wander. This album is released digitally only.

1. Introduction

2. Solal

3. No man's land

4. Algèbre aléatoire

5. Linde

6. The flight

7. Du wurst singen

8. Chez

9. La réponse du choeur à l'anathème

10. Baucis

11. Les calendries blessent

12. Pardessus

13. My pillow

14. Dame à lunettes

15. Le pont

16. L'imminence de la catastrophe

Benjamin Sauzereau: guitar, piano

Dorian Dumont: piano

Hendrik Lasure: Fender rhodes, keyboards, piano

All music by Benjamin Sauzereau

except 6, 7 & 13 by Hendrik Lasure

Recorded, mixed & produced by Jens Bouttery

Mixed by Uwe Teichert at Elektropolis

Recorded at Piano's Maene, Ruiselede

Artwork by Elise Neirinck