Les Chroniques de l'Inutile

Les Chroniques de l'Inutile are releasing their second album offering another intriguing balance exercise between freedom and organisation, jazz and chamber music, written by Benjamin Sauzereau. L'occurrence (concert takes) is the assembly of two concerts, revealing the band joyfully stretching its legs within tunes that offer space for change. Accidents are celebrated, disagreements welcomed, mistakes food for creation, coincidences a source of pleasure, and pleasure a passport towards the essence.

1. Le duplicata

2. L'autre malentendu

3. Une question impertinente est une question pertinente

4. Le subterfuge

5. Presque convive

6. Bucuresti

7. Joseph

8. Les aventures d'Ignace Dabrowski

9. Robert Mikulandric

Benjamin Sauzereau: guitar

Pierre Bernard: flutes

Erik Bogaerts: saxophones

Eric Bribosia: piano, keyboards

Lennart Heyndels: bass

Jens Bouttery: drums, keyboards

All music by Benjamin Sauzereau

Live concerts recorded by Dries Van Ende

at De Krook, Ghent on April 6, 2019 and

at Jazz Station, Brussels on October 30, 2019

mixed by Dries Van Ende

Graphics by Gregor Siedl

in coproduction with El Negocito Records